Thursday, May 3, 2007

This is the standard tile we selected for the bathroom. The carpet on top is going to work out around $51/sqm (I think). It's reasonably plush and is a Solution Dyed Nylon. Ones called sparrow and the other one is pebble (which we have almost decided on)

The Bricks on the left

Colour Selection

Door Handles

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Colour Selection

So we've finalised out colour selections.

Above is the bench top (obviously). We have selected the black to go with african birch cupboards.
Once our finance is finalised, which can't happen until the building approval is finalised (?WTH), the builders can finally live up to their name.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our New House

After inspiration from other members at homeone

we have started our own blog about building our home. It's our first home and we have just finished colour selection, which was surprisingly easy. Luckily we both have similar tastes.

Here is the block which we settled on recently. It's only 496m2 but you have to start somewhere.
Our back fence is nature reserve so the downside is a 6m deep "bushfire" trail access (easement of sorts) which hopefully they will never have to used. The land still contributes to a reasonable back yard though. The trees, being on the western end of the block, provide great cover from about 3 in the afternoon, so there shouldn't be too many problems with it getting too hot. We are 20 minutes from Maleny and the Sunshine coast hinterland or 15 minutes to the beach.

Whilst it's not going to be a huge house, we are still happy with taking up the challenge of building for our first go. The most important features, aside from being affordable, were 4 bedrooms (main, 1 for our son 1.5y.o., 1 for our daughter whom is nearly 3 and an office so that I don't have to commute to Brisvegas everyday), ensuite, laundry separate from the garage and a lounge away from the main living area. The builder is Tamawood Homes and the plan is Nunkun. Based on features and location, I think it will be a sound investment when we move on.

Of course, we have to build it first....